Debt collection

Debt collection service – prioritises your invoices

With our debt collection service, you can be sure that your invoices are prioritised. We have developed a smooth process for debt collection that is safe for both you and your customers.

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How does debt collection work?

After sending the invoice to your customer and the due date has passed, one or more reminders are usually sent out. If the customer, despite reminders, has not paid, you can choose to have a debt collection company handle the invoice.

Our reminder services

Sometimes you miss paying an invoice on time – this is something that most people have experienced at some point. It’s important to draw the customer’s attention to this. We send out a reminder to your customer a few days after the invoice’s due date has passed. If the invoice doesn’t get paid despite the reminder, the case is forwarded to our debt collection department. You are in complete control over the handling of this and we never send any collection claims without your approval.

“Simple and honest treatment, which I have always greatly appreciated”
Stefan, June 2019

Debt collection service

Is your invoice still unpaid, despite reminders? Your customer knows that the invoice’s due date has passed and has chosen to prioritise things differently. Then it’s time to send out a debt collection claim.

We have handled thousands of our clients’ collection claims for more than thirty years and our system for monitoring accounts receivable is very effective. With our routines for collection claims, we make sure that your invoices are prioritised. Our attorneys have vast experience from debt collection and are certified by the Swedish Debt Collection Organisation, SiO.

For us, it’s a matter of course that any contact with your customers is handled in a professional and efficient manner. Our aim is to make sure that your customer knows what applies and that you receive your payment quickly. If your customer still does not pay the invoice, despite collection claims, your administrator at Euro Finans will issue a payment order. Your claim will then be handed over to the Enforcement Authority. Of course, this will only happen after your approval.

Long-term monitoring of receivables

Sometimes a claim remains unpaid even after our debt collection department and the Enforcement Authority have done all they can. We will then ensure that your claim is booked for long-term monitoring so that it’s not forgotten. Anyone who owes you money may regain his or her ability to pay in the future and we are then ready to do what we can to get your money back. In the meantime, you can focus on your core business.

FAQ – Debt collection

Would you like to know more about our services?

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I/my company have/has record of non-payment. Can I become a customer anyway?

Yes. Many of our customers have liquidity fluctuations, but that doesn’t prevent you from becoming a customer with Euro Finans and selling your invoices.

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