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We help you when you don’t get paid

With our debt collection service, you can be sure that your invoices will be given priority. Over the past decades, we have developed a convenient debt collection service that is secure for both you and your customers.


How does debt collection work?

Have you sent an invoice which your customer has not paid? Normally, we send a reminder and a further reminder, if necessary. If the customer does not pay despite reminders, you can let a debt collection agency deal with the invoice and collect payment.

Our reminder service

If you have sent an invoice to us, which is not paid, it is important to notify the customer of this. A couple of days after the due date, we send the customer a reminder. If the invoice is still not paid despite the reminder, the matter will be sent to our debt collection department. You have control of the process the whole time and we never send demands for payment without your approval.

Debt collection service

If your invoice, despite reminders, is still unpaid, we send a demand for payment. We have processed thousands of debt collection demands for our customers over more than thirty years, Our system for monitoring accounts receivable is very efficient. Our demand routines ensure that priority is given to your invoices. Our processing staff have long experience of dealing with debt collection issues and have been certified through Svensk Inkasso.

For us, it is self-evident that contact with your customers is handled in a professional way. If your customer still does not pay the invoice despite a payment demand from the debt collection service, your processing contact will draw up an order to pay. This order will then be passed to the Enforcement Agency after your approval.

Long-term monitoring of the claim

Sometimes, difficult situations arise and a claim remains unpaid despite our payment collection service and the Enforcement Authority doing what they can. We then ensure that your claim is registered for long-term monitoring so that it is not forgotten about. 

The person who owes you money may recover their payment ability in the future. If that happens, we will be prepared to do what we can for you to get paid. During this period, you can focus on your core business.

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