Our commitment

Our commitment

For us, it’s important to be able to contribute to the development of our community. We take our responsibility by helping associations in the immediate area forward and we especially favour activities within the fields of culture and sports. We love to see people grow.

Sports, culture and our hometown

Exercise is important, both for your body and soul. Sports activities build a team spirit that we think can be sensed everywhere in Lund. In addition, sports teach us how to handle both success and adversity. Our city has sports associations with fantastic activity programs for younger people, and very successful women’s and men’s sports teams. There is something for everyone, at all levels.

“Euro Finans clearly shows that they care about Lund’s organisations in a way that few other companies in the municipality do. We truly appreciate that!”

IBK Lund

Lund, our beautiful city. Here, student life mixes with a thriving cultural life filled with joy and a forward-thinking spirit. Featuring amazing events such as the Culture Night, Lund Comedy Festival and Fantastic Film Festival, it’s a truly vibrant city. Not to mention the choirs that fill our streets and squares with everything from classical music to heart-warming gospel. The fact that our commitment to Lund is so deep isn’t all that strange. Since the 1980s we have had our head office in the city and most of us both work and live here. As a company, we want to contribute to the community and create the best possible conditions for future generations.

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