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Euro Finans – No. 1 in Sweden on invoice factoring

We know how frustrating it can be to not get paid for the work delivered. That is why we have been developing our services for many years to simplify your everyday life as an entrepreneur. With us as your partner, you can rest assured that you always get the help you need. Euro Finans was the first company in Sweden to offer invoice factoring and 30 years later our concept is still market leading.

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What is the difference between hiring us and one of our competitors? Good question!

Not only were we the first company in Sweden to buy invoices, we are also the largest player on the market. This year, we will handle almost half a million invoices for a total value of SEK 6 billion for both Swedish and foreign companies in need of strengthening their liquidity. Our capacity is high, and we never compromise on quality. With us you can always expect a high level of service. We always reply to your questions quickly. We are always seeking solutions for you and your company. Euro Finans is always looking for a reason to buy your invoices and we take the greatest risks in the market. We have our headquarters in the university city of Lund with sales offices in Stockholm and Umeå. Euro Finans has a financial strength that few in the industry can match. Therefore, we have gained the confidence of both small and large companies to handle liquidity fluctuations, seasonal variations and periods of expansion.

“I thought of all the companies out there that were turned down by the bigger banks and started thinking about how I could help them. Therefore, in 1989, I started Euro Finans.”

Anders Jarlskog, CEO Euro Finans

When it comes to finances it’s smart to choose a safe partner. That’s exactly what we can offer you. You get personalised service and our goal is always to offer a customised solution for you and your company. Are you looking for a partner for help with invoice factoring, invoice discounting, debt collection, e-invoicing or legal advice? Then look no further! Let us help you with the thing that we do best.

FAQ – About Euro Finans

Do you have a web shop solution?

No, currently we don’t have any solution where you can integrate our services with your web shop. However, we can still buy your invoices. Please call us at +46 (0)46-31 20 20 for more information.

I/my company have/has record of non-payment. Can I become a customer anyway?

Yes. Many of our customers have liquidity fluctuations, but that doesn’t prevent you from becoming a customer with Euro Finans and selling your invoices.

What does it take to become a customer at Euro Finans?

You must have a registered company and customers that you bill. It is very easy to become our customer, please call us at +46 (0)46-31 20 20 to find out more.

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