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Welcome to Euro Finans!

Om Euro Finans bild

Euro Finans was established in Lund in 1989 to help companies whose loan applications had been rejected by the big banks. Today. we are largest in Sweden for invoice purchases and are active throughout the country, every year we process almost half a million invoices at an aggregate value of around SEK 10 billion. Our customers are both large and small businesses, which need to strengthen their liquidity. We also offer fast and short-term business loans as a financial solution for our customers. The knowledge and experience we have after more than 35 years in the industry and hundreds of thousands of customer cases have provided us with an understanding of entrepreneurship and financing. Our advisors are top class, we have a high capacity and we never cut corners with the quality of our services. Our heart is in Lund and here we want to contribute to a positive development of the community, both the business sector and for the inhabitants.


We help companies improve their liquidity

There can be many reasons why a company has insufficient liquidity just when it’s most needed. It is frustrating not to be paid for the work delivered, or to have turn down a large job because there is insufficient cash to meet the wage bill. After many years, we have seen a lot and we have developed our services to simplify your everyday life as a business owner. This makes us a secure partner who understands your situation and can offer just the help you need.
 Euro Finans was first in Sweden to offer invoice purchasing and our concept is still market leading 35 years later.

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