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Invoice factoring – simple, fast and safe

With our invoice factoring services you don’t have to worry about not getting paid. No invoice is too big for us and, as our customer, you can always feel safe. We have over 30 years of experience in factoring and invoice discounting. You will receive your money directly into your bank account, usually the same day. You can always expect a high level of service from Euro Finans. By that, we don’t just mean that we quickly reply to any question you may have. We are also constantly looking for the right solutions for you and we are not afraid to take risks, we are always looking for a reason to buy your invoices, never the other way around.

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How does invoice factoring work?

We take care of your invoices that are sent to Swedish companies, companies outside Sweden and naturally also to individuals. When we start our cooperation, we enter into an agreement that guarantees your security. We don’t require that you sell a certain number of invoices to us during the contract period, you decide yourself how many. We like freedom of choice.

Euro Finans offers you the best prices on the market, we don’t like bureaucracy and you can always get help from our solution-oriented employees. With us, invoice factoring is not a complicated task – sell your invoice to us, get your cash quickly and leave the credit risk to us.
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“We are No. 1 in Sweden on invoice factoring. We work with our own money and take the biggest risks in the market. This basically means that we buy invoices from more customers than our competitors do. Euro Finans is a well-known brand that creates security.”

Anders Jarlskog


Get your money fast

Why wait 30, 60 or up to 120 days for your money? Selling your invoice to us ensures that your money is quickly paid out. Usually the same day that we bought your invoice. Our processes for invoice factoring are simple, you will receive an immediate answer if the purchase is approved.


Safe for you and your customer

We are always available for you as a customer or for anyone who wants to become a customer of Euro Finans. Together with our employees we find the best solution for you. We care about your relationships with your costumers and you can always feel safe with us. Your customers are just as important to us as they are to you. With the market’s most efficient process for invoice factoring, we ensure that you get paid for your invoices.

“We have had great cooperation with you for more than 13 years. The most important thing is that you stick to your basic decent values. You get 5 stars for always being helpful and for quickly giving us feedback. You are clearly the best in the industry and the many years of our cooperation are proof of that.”

Gregor, June 2019


Easy invoicing

When you sell your invoice to us you also hand over all the hassle that invoicing can entail. We make sure that the entire process goes smoothly. This means that we send out your invoices and handle any reminders. That way you can focus on your core business.


Invoice discounting – draw money against your invoices

Do you need to release capital for the company? We offer the opportunity to draw money against your invoices and get the money the same day.
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FAQ – Invoice factoring

What does it take to become a customer at Euro Finans?

You must have a registered company and customers that you bill. It is very easy to become our customer, please call us at +46 (0)46-31 20 20 to find out more.

What length of credit period can you handle?

We believe that invoice factoring doesn’t pay off after 120 days. There are other solutions, such as business loans, instead. Read more about our various financing options here.

Is there any monetary limit for the invoices?

No, there is neither a minimum nor a maximum. However, we usually recommend that the invoice is at least SEK 5,000 incl. VAT when you sell your invoices to us.

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