Invoice discounting

Release capital with invoice discounting

With us you can easily free up capital by drawing money against your invoices. We do all the administrative work for you and you can focus on bringing in new money for the business.

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How does invoice discounting work at Euro Finans?

When you draw money against your invoice, it means that you are using your invoice as a basis for loans. This way you can quickly and easily release capital and increase the company’s liquidity. Your invoice stands as collateral for the loan. It’s generally possible to borrow 60-95% of the invoice value, but with Euro Finans you can borrow up to 100% of the invoice value.

We offer you the possibility of invoice factoring and invoice discounting. It’s all about what works best for you.

We can help you with the administration, such as monitoring of invoices, reminders and collection claims. This frees up valuable time for you. In addition, the process is quick and smooth – the money is paid promptly.

“I am very pleased with the contact I have had so far with the employees at Euro Finans and their willingness to help me. And you also have to take into account that I am a grumpy old man.”

Fredrik, 2018

Why shall you draw money against your invoices?

Sometimes it can be difficult to charge in advance for services and goods. This means that you may have to prepay things, such as salaries for your employees or payments to your suppliers. It may also be that some projects are taking longer than expected, or that the cost increases. Then it may be a good idea to draw money against the invoice to free up capital.

What is the difference between our and the banks’ invoice discounting?

The biggest difference between the banks’ invoice discounting is that you can borrow money for up to 100% of the invoice value with Euro Finans. A bank will usually give you only around 75%.

Invoice discounting is similar to invoice factoring with the difference that if your customer does not pay, then you have to repay the borrowed amount. This is usually done by settling it against new invoices submitted for a loan. However, our effective routines for reminders and, not least, our strong brand, ensure that your customers prioritise your invoices.

You can safely hand over the responsibility for your invoices to us. We have long experience in managing our clients’ customers in a professional manner.

How much does invoice discounting cost?

The cost for invoice discounting is usually slightly below that for invoice factoring. This is because you assume the credit risk yourself. Other factors that affect pricing include the number and size of your invoices and whether your customers are companies or individuals. We have chosen to work with individual pricing, so please contact us for more detailed pricing information for your company.

FAQ – Invoice discounting

Why shall I choose Euro Finans?

Above all, you shall choose Euro Finans because we are the company in Sweden with the largest amount of bought invoices. We have equity and we take the greatest risks in the market. This basically means that we buy invoices from more customers than our competitors do. Euro Finans is a well-known brand that creates security for you and your customers.

What is the difference between invoice factoring and invoice discounting?

Basically, when we buy an invoice (factoring), we assume the credit risk, and when you draw money against the invoice (invoice discounting), you assume the credit risk yourself.

Do you agree to payment by instalments?

We currently don’t offer payment by instalments for individuals. However, we can always look at the exact case with which you need help. Please call us and we will take a closer look at your case, at +46 (0) 46-31 20 20.

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