Ibland kan finansiella branschtermer kännas lite krångliga, vi vet! Därför har vi valt att samla de vanligaste frågorna som vi får in här på vår FAQ-sida. Skulle du undra över något som inte finns med i listan? Kontakta oss gärna så löser vi det!


About Euro Finans


Would you like to know more about our services?

Please contact us or chat with us on our Facebook page.

Have you received a letter from us?

And if you can’t find your answer in our FAQs you can always call us at +46 (0)46-31 20 20.

Do you have a web shop solution?

No, currently we don’t have any solution where you can integrate our services with your web shop. However, we can still buy your invoices. Please call us at +46 (0)46-31 20 20 for more information.

I/my company have/has record of non-payment. Can I become a customer anyway?

Yes. Many of our customers have liquidity fluctuations, but that doesn’t prevent you from becoming a customer with Euro Finans and selling your invoices.

What does it take to become a customer at Euro Finans?

You must have a registered company and customers that you bill. It is very easy to become our customer, please call us at +46 (0)46-31 20 20 to find out more.

Why shall I choose Euro Finans?

Above all, you shall choose Euro Finans because we are the company in Sweden with the largest amount of bought invoices. We have equity and we take the greatest risks in the market. This basically means that we buy invoices from more customers than our competitors do. Euro Finans is a well-known brand that creates security for you and your customers.

Do you lend my company money?

We offer notes payable in combination with accounts payable management. But we are willing to look at your proposal. Please contact us and we will see if we can help you and your company.

What is Euro Finans?

Euro Finans was founded by Anders Jarlskog in 1989. Since then the company has grown, and today we are the Swedish company with the highest amount of bought invoices. Each year we handle over 150,000 invoices worth more than SEK 6 billion. We are very proud of our customers’ trust.

I have lost my login information.

No problem. Just send us an email message and we’ll take care of it!

What is happening with my case?

To follow your case, log into our APP or our customer centre. The link can be found here: KAF-Online

Factoring, accounts receivable factoring, invoice factoring, accounts receivable financing – are they all the same thing?

Yes, it’s the same service, only with different names and whether you see it from the perspective of a seller or buyer.

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