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Selling invoices

    Fast – have the money in your account within 24 hours
   Flexible – 97.3% receive help from us
   Secure – let us bear the risk

Sell invoice
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Sell your invoices and have the money in your account within 24 hours

It is important to have money in the company’s account. Many companies have to wait for up to 90 days before they are paid by their customers. This affects liquidity and prevents your company from working effectively. We know this at Euro Finans. We are therefore proud over being both straightforward and efficient to work with. When we sell invoices to you, you will quickly obtain access to money for investments and new business. We are a secure partner when you want to develop the company at your own pace and are largest in Sweden when it comes to invoice purchasing.
Watch the film below and see how simple invoice purchasing is with us!


How does invoice purchasing work?

When you sell your invoices to us, you do not have to worry about unpaid accounts receivable. You avoid all the complications with invoicing, reminders and in the worst case debt collection. Of course, you choose the invoices that you want to sell, how many and when.  You know how much it will cost and we always endeavour to give your customer the best possible service when you sell your invoices to us.

Sell invoice

Business loans – fast, simple and secure.

A fast and simple business loan may be a good way to reinforce liquidity when you want to clinch a good deal or quicken the pace of a really good investment. We are not like other lenders. It should be simple and fast to apply, get a decision and have the money in your account – we know that this is important for you. Moreover, you always know exactly what it’s going to cost. You apply for a loan with a few simple clicks and you will receive an answer the same day. We have long experience of helping business owners make use of business opportunities, and you can feel secure when you borrow from us. Our finances are stable and we have helped business owners achieve their dreams for over 35 years. 

Choose the amount and repayment period
Apply and obtain an answer within 24 hours
Direct payment

Applying for a loan

Get started straight away – sell your invoices already today!

Of course, invoicing is great! It means that your business is on the move and that you are doing a really good job. When you sell your invoice to us, you will receive the money in your account quickly, most often the same day. Moreover, you can rely on your customer getting the best possible service.  Let us help you get started straight away!


Frequently asked questions about invoice purchasing

What is required to become a customer with Euro Finans?  

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You need to have a registered business and customers that you invoice. Becoming a customer with us is very easy. You can sign up as a customer here!

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Why use invoice purchasing?

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The simple answer is that it enables you to free up capital for your business. Instead of lending money to your customers, possibly for as much as 90 days, you receive the money into your account right away. The extra liquidity that invoice purchasing creates enables your business to e.g. get a cash discount, make a good deal, speed up a wise investment, or maybe make an important tax payment. The service also simplifies your administration. Get started with invoice purchasing here. 

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What happens if my customer disputes the invoice?

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If your customer disputes an invoice, we will try to find out why. In most cases, this can be resolved by having a dialogue with each other. We have handled hundreds of thousands of purchased invoices over the year, and can often suggest a good solution that fits all parties.

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What happens if my customer does not pay you for the invoice?

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At first, we will send them a reminder. If your customer still does not pay, we try to contact the customer. If we still are not paid after this, a debt collection claim will be issued. If you would like to know more, please contact us on phone +4646 – 31 20 20

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Does factoring affect my customer?

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No. It does not affect your customer that you sell your invoice to us. Your customers are just as important to us as it is to you. The only difference is that your customer will see an electronic label on the invoice with the bank giro number of Eurofinans. Read more about factoring here!

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