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Are you interested in a career with us at Euro Finans?

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Do you also love business owners? 

Every day we help thousands of people do what they do best, drive their businesses forward. This is the reason we go to work. Euro Finans was started in 1989 to help  business owners who were refused loans by the banks. Now, after 35 successful years in the industry and over a half million customer assignments, we have  unique experience and expertise which we are happy to share – every day. We know what it’s like to run a company and we are good at finding different financial solutions that work. 

Do you want to work in finance? 

As an employee of Euro Finans, you will work with people, not money. Our most important services, invoice purchasing and business loans, help our customers to deal with both opportunities and challenges in their everyday situation as business owners.  
Euro Finans is a security, a way forward when the company treasury is empty for some reason at the wrong moment. We are smart, efficient, reliable and we always try to find reasons to say yes when our customers need  us. This is what makes us unique and successful in our industry. If you are enthusiastic about the same things that we are, you would also probably enjoy working here at Euro Finans. 

A unique work place 

Today, over 70 people work for us.  Most of them are in central Lund but we also have sales offices in Stockholm and Umeå. Our staff are professionals at handling complicated customer cases, large amounts and high risk transactions every day. This works well only if both management and colleagues have full confidence in them, that there is always someone to ask and that it is acceptable to make mistakes sometimes. Our employee surveys also show that our personnel are very satisfied at their workplace. We notice this as they often stay with us for a very long time.  

Would you like to work for us? 

Euro Finans is developing well and we regularly recruit new stars to our company. When we have vacant posts to be filled, you can find them here

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