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Invoice purchasing 

   Fast – money in your account within 24 hours
   Flexible – 97.3% get help from us
   Secure – 35 years in the industry

Sell your invoices
Apply for a loan
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Money in your account with invoice purchasing and a business loan

Sometimes, costs are incurred before you receive income. We know how we can help you as a business owner and ensure that you receive money quickly in your account, mainly through invoice purchasing and  business loans. Our experienced processers deal with your case immediately. In most cases, you will have the money in  your account within 24 hours.

Euro Finans has dealt with hundreds of thousands of customer commissions during our more than 35 years in the industry. We have a reputation as a secure partner both for you and your customers. Our experience and strong finances enable us to bear greater risks than many others in the market.

Simple and fast invoice purchasing

It should be simple for you to sell you invoices – just as it is with us. When you use Euro Finans invoice purchasing service, you will receive money in your account directly. Why wait for up to 90 days? You avoid bearing the credit risk and we minimize your administration. Fast, flexible and secure.

 Money in your account within 24 hours
 You avoid the credit risk
 We minimize your administration.

Sell invoice

Business loans for small and large companies

Do you need a fast business loan to make an investment, benefit from a business opportunity or develop you company? We are always on the look out for reasons to help you, regardless of whether you are running a small business or a large limited company. Check how much you can borrow with a few simple clicks. We will help you realise your dreams.

 Borrow from SEK 100,000 upwards
 Adapted repayment period
 Fast processing

Applying for a loan


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Three reasons to choose us


Of our customers receive help


The time it takes for money to reach your account

35 years

The time we have been in the industry

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My pages – a convenient tool for all your business

You can take care of most things concerning your cases with us through My pages on the website. You can also obtain answers to your questions directly from our Customer Service, If you want to talk to an adviser at Euro Finans, you can always contact us by telephone or email.

 Keep a check on all your cases online
 Obtain information about our services
 Customer service via chat

Better liquidity, fixed charges and fast payments!

There are many good reasons to choose Euro Finans. One of the most important is that we really do make an effort to find reasons to help you, which neither banks nor our competitors always do. We are here when you need to improve your liquidity during a period when a lot is happening in your business. We make fast decisions and you always know what it costs. We are satisfied when you are.

 Your application will be processed directly

 Careful processing of your case

  Always know your costs

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Frequently asked questions

How do I repay my business loan?

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On My Pages, you will find all the information about how you will repay your loan. Prior to each repayment, you will receive a payment slip to use when you make your payment. If you would like to settle the loan early, contact us and  we will help you.

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Can you help me with unpaid invoices?

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Euro Finans has its own collection service and we take care of your case until the customer has paid. Here you can read more about Euro Finans debt collection.

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How do I best manage my accounting and invoicing?

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Acconomy offers a complete financial system to entrepreneurs with invoicing, bookkeeping and much more. As our customer, you get access to the entire system at no extra cost. Among other things, you can sell your invoices with one click directly when invoicing.


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Can you help me with legal advice?

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Our experienced lawyers can help you with a number of different questions that often arise for you as an entrepreneur. You may need to write an agreement before a larger assignment, or have ended up in a dispute with a customer over an invoice. Then it is important that everything goes right. We make sure you get the support you need.
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