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Företagsfinansiering med Euro Finans

Financial services – develop your business

Do you want to develop your company and need financial support to move forward? We can help you with everything from project financing to bridge loans in combination with accounts receivable management. Please contact us and we will find a good solution for you.

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Customised business loans and credits

Over the years, we have granted a large number of credits tailored to our customers’ needs. The size varies from SEK 50,000 up to 10 million.

With our company financing you have the opportunity to develop your company and invest in new projects, finance an order or bid for a job you want to do. Nothing is impossible and we’ll make sure that you get the chance to invest in your company.

“Works great! You have very competent co-workers who are very nice and accommodating. Simplicity, clarity and action!”

Stefan, May 2019

Project financing

Have you been given the opportunity to complete a larger project but need capital to be relevant for the assignment? We will grant a credit that ensures that your liquidity is strong from the start of the project until your client pays.

Order financing

Have you had the opportunity to purchase a bankruptcy stock that you already have a buyer for, but lack the money to complete the transaction? We make sure you can take the order, make the purchase and then deliver. After all, we will buy your invoice and settle the order financing.

Bridge financing

Do you want to bid for a job but have a lack of liquidity in your company before the bank financing has been settled? No problem, we can arrange for a bridge loan in the meantime.

Feel free to contact us to discuss financing, based on your specific needs and conditions.

FAQ – Financial services

If my customer doesn’t pay you, what happens?

First, we send your customer a reminder. If your customer still doesn’t pay, we will try to contact the customer. If we still do not get paid, a debt collection claim will be issued. For further questions please contact us.

Would you like to know more about our services?

Please contact us or chat with us on our Facebook page.

I/my company have/has record of non-payment. Can I become a customer anyway?

Yes. Many of our customers have liquidity fluctuations, but that doesn’t prevent you from becoming a customer with Euro Finans and selling your invoices.

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