E-invoice – for your customers and the environment

Do you have customers who require e-invoicing and need to get started quickly? Electronic billing has many advantages – from being very flexible, to being good for the environment.

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We help you e-invoice

We have developed a digital solution to help your company with e-invoicing. When you sell your invoice to us, you can feel confident that your e-invoices comply with all requirements. This means that you don’t have to invest in expensive systems and add-on solutions to your current billing program. Your invoices reach the recipient quickly. The e-invoices are sent directly to your customer’s accounting system and are automatically registered.

New EU directives

According to a recent EU directive, all purchases within the public sector must be invoiced by e-invoice. All suppliers that invoice customers within the state, municipality or county council must comply with these rules. In most cases, this also applies to customers who are municipal- and county-owned and some state-owned companies.

E-invoicing for the environment

From an environmental point of view, electronic invoicing is the natural choice. You contribute to reduced paper usage and fewer transports.

FAQ – E-inovice

Is there any monetary limit for the invoices?

No, there is neither a minimum nor a maximum. However, we usually recommend that the invoice is at least SEK 5,000 incl. VAT when you sell your invoices to us.

If my customer doesn’t pay you, what happens?

First, we send your customer a reminder. If your customer still doesn’t pay, we will try to contact the customer. If we still do not get paid, a debt collection claim will be issued. For further questions please contact us.

Would you like to know more about our services?

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