Receive payment on time

It is important to show your customers that late payment or defaulting on a debt is not accepted. In this context debt collection is a very powerful tool! Don't let your customers use you as a bank or evade payment!

Save time and money

Utilising our services saves you both time and money for your company. Many of our customers find it reassuring to receive assistance when someone doesn't pay. It doesn't put an unnecessary strain on the customer relationship and we can collect a receivable more easily through our weight as a credit management company.

As a customer of Euro Finans you can determine yourself which of our services you choose for your particular matter. Our services include the following:

Reminder service

When you want your customer to be reminded of an unpaid invoice, we send a reminder. After the reminder, the matter can, if you so desire, be transferred to the debt collection service.

Debt collection service

Our effective and flexible debt collection agents have many years of experience and we place them at your disposal. The debt collection agents are certified through training at Sweden’s debt collection organisation, Sveriges inkassoorganisation, SiO. The debt collection agents send demands to your customer and if necessary forward the matter to the enforcement service.

Long-term monitoring

This department helps you with monitoring of your receivables that have have remained unpaid over a long period. What the agents mainly do in this context is arrange various forms of payment settlement.
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