Our business concept

""Euro Finans will provide companies in Sweden with liquidity and protection against credit losses rapidly, professionally and flexibly.""

Today we are largest in Sweden for invoice purchase.

We are engaged by thousands of companies - both large and small - which want to have simpler administration, have seasonal variations, are expanding or are in a difficult financial position. Every year, we finance around 150,000 invoices, both Swedish and foreign, at a value of over 5 billion.

Euro Finans has its registered office in Lund as well as sales offices in Stockholm, Kalmar and Norrland. Euro Finans has a financial strength that few in the industry can match. Security, professionalism and speed are the watchwords in our working lives.

We extend you a warm welcome.


Sell the invoice and receive payment immediately

It's as simple as it sounds. You send us your invoice and we usually deposit the money in your account on the same day. Selling your invoices enables you to focus on your everyday operations. What invoice purchase costs depends on many factors and is set individually. The price must be fair. Why wait for 30, 60 or in the worst case 90 days to receive payment. We don't talk – we pay

We bear the entire credit risk

At the same moment that you sell the invoice to us, we take over the credit risk. Furthermore, we deal with the administration and ensure that you retain a positive relationship with your customer. We offer the market's best service at the best price, which is one of the reasons that we are largest in the country at invoice purchase. The price list is clear with no hidden charges and small print. We always try to find a reason to purchase an invoice, never the reverse.

How does it work?

We purchase invoices made out to Swedish and foreign businesses and private individuals. When a collaboration commences, a contract is drawn up between your company and Euro Finans. The contract guarantees you a secure system for invoice management. It runs for one year at a time and you decide yourself which invoices you want to sell to us. We want to give our customers freedom of choice. Sell the invoices you want, when you want!

We are your partner

Having our customers’ best interests at heart at all times has made us leaders within invoice purchasing. Beneficial collaborations are based on mutual respect and trust. If you share that approach, we will be happy to be your secure and knowledgeable partner in financial issues. We protect your customer relationships. Grow your company with our invoice purchase or factoring.


Do you run a company and need to release capital? Borrow money on the invoices from us, money paid the same day. Factoring enables you to simply release capital.  In brief, invoice factoring means that invoices that are not paid go back to the company. This normally takes place after a certain number of agreed days.


  • 1

    You mail the original invoice to Euro Finans.

  • 2

    We run a check on the invoice recipient.

  • 3

    The invoice is furnished with a text stating that we have taken over the receivable.

  • 4

    You receive payment immediately. Your customer pays us according to the invoice's terms.


Our ambition is to give you a high level of service, beneficial terms and a good price as a business proprietor.

All information is treated confidentially and transferred securely. For foreign invoices and forms of company other than limited companies, you are welcome to contact us direct, call +46 (0)46 312020 and we will assist you.

How do I get started?

  1. Enter the information about your company.
  2. Enter the information about your customer and the invoice you want to sell.
  3. Your customer’s credit rating is checked.
  4. A quotation is sent to the e-mail address you have provided
Contact us


Let us take care of legal matters

Now and again issues arise where you need to consult a lawyer. It might concern drawing up a contract or a dispute which has to be settled in court. Our legal department has great expertise and helps you to sort out what applies in your particular case. With our competitive prices and flexible payment solutions, our aim is to make it simple to hire us. On many occasions you have the possibility of reimbursement for the bulk of your costs through legal protection in your insurance, which we can also help you with.
Contact us and tell us what you need help with.


Receive payment on time

It is important to show your customers that late payment or defaulting on a debt is not accepted. In this context debt collection is a very powerful tool! Don't let your customers use you as a bank or evade payment!

Save time and money

Utilising our services saves you both time and money for your company. Many of our customers find it reassuring to receive assistance when someone doesn't pay. It doesn't put an unnecessary strain on the customer relationship and we can collect a receivable more easily through our weight as a credit management company.

As a customer of Euro Finans you can determine yourself which of our services you choose for your particular matter. Our services include the following:

Reminder service

When you want your customer to be reminded of an unpaid invoice, we send a reminder. After the reminder, the matter can, if you so desire, be transferred to the debt collection service.

Debt collection service

Our effective and flexible debt collection agents have many years of experience and we place them at your disposal. The debt collection agents are certified through training at Sweden’s debt collection organisation, Sveriges inkassoorganisation, SiO. The debt collection agents send demands to your customer and if necessary forward the matter to the enforcement service.

Long-term monitoring

This department helps you with monitoring of your receivables that have have remained unpaid over a long period. What the agents mainly do in this context is arrange various forms of payment settlement.


Obtain help with financing

Banks never usually help out when you want to develop your business or need money fast. At Euro Finans we are able to offer fast assistance and a range of options.

Bridging loans

Loans are sometimes needed for short periods by companies which otherwise have a strong cash flow. A bridging loan normally extends for 3-18 months and is tailored according to need.

Acquisition finance

Do you have plans to purchase a company? At Euro Finans we have been involved in corporate finance since 1987 and know what is required for a successful acquisition.  With us as financier and a factoring solution for your new ledger, cash will start to flow from day 1.

Stock finance

The company’s stocks are viewed as a security on which money can be raised. How long stocks are pledged varies depending on sector and company.
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