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No. 1 in Sweden on invoice factoring. What does that mean? We have built safe, simple and agile financial company solutions for decades, allowing you to always be sure of getting paid for your invoices. Over the past 30 years, Euro Finans has been the obvious alternative for businesses that require a financial partner and quickly need to strengthen their liquidity, simplify their administration or avoid the credit risk. Through our services, accounts receivable will quickly and easily be converted into money in your company account, ready to be used for new purchases. We finance invoices for more than SEK 6 billion for thousands of companies annually.

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No 1 in Sweden on invoice factoring

When you sell your invoices to us you simplify your administration. We make sure that the invoice reaches your customer and that the customer pays. Let us do what we do best so that you can focus on your core business.
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Invoice discounting at its best

When you use your unpaid accounts receivable as collateral for a loan from us, you will not only get the whole amount at once, we are also the oldest company in the market. We are stable and a safe partner for you and your company.
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We help you with business funding

Did you receive a larger order than expected? Have you taken on a project that has become larger than you thought? Congratulations! We will gladly step in as your financial partner and help you with the right kind of financing in combination with accounts receivable management. Strengthen your position during negotiations and simplify your work.
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A secure partner for debt collection services

Do you want your customers to prioritise paying your invoices? Give us the task to monitor them. Our customers have discovered that their customers’ payment morale increases significantly through our services. If they still don’t pay on time, we are responsible for sending reminders and collection claims. Here you will find information about our debt collection services.
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Legal advice

Would you like to get a second opinion before you sign an agreement? Or do you need help setting up an agreement for a larger business deal? Our lawyers are experts in the field of commercial law.
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