Our business concept

""Euro Finans will provide companies in Sweden with liquidity and protection against credit losses rapidly, professionally and flexibly.""

Today we are largest in Sweden for invoice purchase.

We are engaged by thousands of companies - both large and small - which want to have simpler administration, have seasonal variations, are expanding or are in a difficult financial position. Every year, we finance around 150,000 invoices, both Swedish and foreign, at a value of over 5 billion.

Euro Finans has its registered office in Lund as well as sales offices in Stockholm, Kalmar and Norrland. Euro Finans has a financial strength that few in the industry can match. Security, professionalism and speed are the watchwords in our working lives.

We extend you a warm welcome

Stefan Strinnholm

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Fredrik Nyberg

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Mikael Johansson

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Monika Persaud

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Peter Hedman

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Ingrid Stjernfeldt

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Henrik Reutner

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Amanda Jarlskog

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Michael Agervald

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Euro Finans never disappoints, they help me quickly when I have problems and really go all the way for their customers


Euro Finans “The child”


Euro Finans “We do not talk we pay”


Euro Finans “Hacket”



Our engagement makes the difference

For us at Euro Finans it is important to contribute to both the cultural and sporting life in our home municipality of Lund.

Cultural sponsorship

Culture in Lund has been an important part of the community, and we are keen to contribute to it continuing to have a major capacity to spread positive energy and inspire.

Sports sponsorship

We believe in sport in all its forms, particularly team sports where you are forced to cooperate in order to achieve the best results. Sport unites. When the country, team or individual we support wins, we feel tremendous joy. At the same time, losses are always tough to take, but that’s what makes sport so fascinating.

Social role

Sport has an important social role, partly from a public health point of view and partly from an educational perspective. The best route to better public health is exercise and activity. Many illnesses can be avoided with a good physique. Sport is also educational. It helps to create good members of society. We want to contribute to a better society through sport. We feel that it is important.

The Euro Finans brand

We want to make our business concept and ourselves more widely known. Helping companies to obtain working capital quickly, simply and professionally, and simultaneously enabling companies to avoid credit losses, that is our business concept, our mission. We have helped more than 40,000 companies since we were founded 30 years ago, and we want to help more. Sponsoring culture and sports will make our company even more widely known.

Sports- and Cultural Associations we are sponsoring

Allmänna Tennisklubben Lund
EOS Basket
Lugi Badminton
Lugi Tennis
Lugi Vattenpolo
Lund Giants
Lundalands Filharmoniska Orkester
Lunds Bollklubb
Lunds Körfestival
Lunds SK
Lunds Studentsångare
Lunds Studentsångerskor Bella Voce
SK Poseidon
Swedish Padel Open
Svenska Padelförbundet

IBK Lund

Lugi Handboll

Lunds Volleybollklubb

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