Invest your time in new business

- not old unpaid bills!

InkassoBy taking advantage of Euro Finans AB’s factoring services you don’t just avoid a lot of worry.  You also get an effective business partner.  We take on your credit risk AND look after administration of your accounts receivables.

How it works:

  1. You send your invoice in original to Euro Finans AB on the invoice day.
  2. We do an updated credit check of your customer.
  3. The invoice is sent out to your customer the same day with a label (electronically scanned) with a unique payment number, informing that the invoice has been acquired by Euro Finans AB.
  4. You quickly receive payment for the invoice, often the same day.
  5. Your customer settles payment to Euro Finans AB in accordance with the payment terms which you and your customer have contracted.
  6. You can follow the process from the time the invoice is received by Euro Finans AB through to payment online via our homepage.

Which invoices does Euro Finans AB purchase?

Euro Finans AB acquires invoices to both Swedish and non-Swedish businesses, in addition to, invoices to private persons.

What does it cost?

You get the market’s best service at the market’s best price.  You receive a price-list with all of our services without any hidden or additional fees.

Our contract guarantees security.

A contract is signed between you and Euro Finans AB.  This contract is valid for a year at a time.  During this time you decide which of your invoices you wish to sell.

We work for the long-term.

Euro Finans AB believes that close and trustworthy relationships with our partners are necessary for our success.  We therefore choose to invest in long-term relationships built on stable knowledge, prompt and effective routines and personal service.  Our strength is also built on establishing a trust-worthy relationship with your customer.

Who is Euro Finans AB?

When it comes to accounts receivables, Euro Finans AB is leading in Sweden.  Thousands of businesses --small and large—which wish for a simplified administration, which are expanding, which have a seasonal nature, or which have liquidity problems, choose Euro Finans AB.

Every year, approximately 150 000 invoices,-Swedish, as well as, international- for a value of 4 billions Swedish crowns, are financed by Euro Finans AB.  You are in secure hands with Euro Finans AB.